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Welche Fluggesellschaft nimmt wieviel Geld für den Surfboard Transport?

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Fluggesellschaften langen bei den Transportkosten für Surfboards schon mal deftig zu. 50-100€ pro Strecke sind da keine Seltenheit. Oftmals ist es eine gute Alterenative vor Ort, wenn man ich einer Region mit guter “Surf-Infrastruktur” ist, ein Board zu kaufen und es vor dem Rückflug wieder zu verkaufen.
Somit spart man sich nicht nur die Transportkosten, sondern auch das extra flugtaugliche Boardbag und den Ärger mit der Versicherung der Fluggesellschaft, falls man dann einen Schaden an seinem Surfboard wegen des Transportes hat. Zudem kann man ganz entspannt mit einem kleinen Taxi vom Flughafen zum Wunsch-Ort fahren und das eigene 10 Fuß Longboard guckt nicht zwei Meter aus dem Kofferaum ;).

Für all diejenigen unter Euch, die auf den Transport angewiesen sind, finden nachfolgend eine neue Liste die von den Jungs von LUEX zusammengestellt worden ist und uns netterweise zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Da sich Gebühren dauernd ändern, könnt ihr Abweichungen und interessante Erlebnisse mit Fluggesellschaften gerne als Kommentar hinterlassen.

Das Thema Boardtransport gab es auch schon sehr oft im Forum. Schaut Euch die Beiträge mal an.

Aeroflotfrei – €150Surfboards aren’t explicitly listed, but one boardbag should be included in your free baggage allowance (as with bikes/skis/snowboards). You must call Aeroflot to request carriage though. Extra pieces of luggage and oversize/weight baggage will be charged.
Aer Lingusfrei – €40/€50Boards fly for free to/from North America, excess baggage rates of €75/$100 apply if you carry in excess of the free allowance. Otherwise, there is a charge of €40 (each direction) to all other destinations if paid in advance; fees are €50 if paid at the airport. Max board length 274cm on international flights, or max 205cm on regional flights.
Aero Mexico$45 – $55 USD$45 if paid in advance, or $55 at the airport
Air AsiaverschiedenScore a discount and the option to add 15-40kg extra weight by booking online. Your surfboard must be packed in a recognised surfboard bag and does not exceed 277cm/109inches in length.
Note: Kiteboards and bodyboards are classified as surfboards. Paying at the airport costs more and limits you to 20kg extra weight.
Air Berlin€50 – €275Depending on the class and the travel destination surfboards may be carried for an additional charge between €50 – €275. If you exceed the number of pieces in your free baggage allowance, you’ll be charged €50-75. No sports baggage on JustFly tickets.
Air Canada$50 USD/CADSurfboards are accepted on a space available basis only and should be pre-registered at time of booking. Each surfboard counts as one piece of baggage towards the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type. No oversize charge applies to surfboards, provided they don’t exceed the maximum length and linear dimesions (less than 277 cm ). In addition to any applicable additional checked baggage charges, surfboards are subject to a handling charge of $50- Two handling fees apply for two (2) surfboards packed in the same container. Boards must be less than 203cm long, and under 277cm total linear dimensions (lenght + width + height)
Air Chinafrei – $150 + USDBoardbags can be counted as your free checked baggage allowance if total linear dimensions (length + width + height) are less than 158cm and not more than 23kg. If your board exceeds 158cm total linear dimensions then you will be charge an oversize baggage fee. Charge varies by route, size and weight, but will likely be $150+ USD.
Air France€55 – 150Boards up to 300cm long can be carried, though you’ll be charged each way, depending on destination and the class of service. You will need to get prior approval from customer service department in some cases. This approval is always required when traveling as a group (10 or more passengers). You must submit your request at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure. You must notify the customer service department at least 24 hours before flying, but you can only pay at the airport.
Air IndiaverschiedenFees for board carriage are 50% of the normal excess baggage fee, depending on the route. It’s a good idea to call the customer service department and confirm fees when booking your flight.
Air Malta30€Boards can be taken for €30 per piece per flight when booking online.
Air Mauritius30€ – 125€Boards are accepted on board for 30€- 125€, depending on the route. uy your excess baggage online up to 48 hours before departure and get up to 20% off the airport rates. Applicable only for tickets which have been purchased on Air Mauritius website. When applicable, charges levied vary by route – from €30 to €125 each way.
Air New ZealandfreiBoardbags up to 2 metres long and 23kg can be taken as part of your free checked baggage allowance, plus multiple boards are allowed in one bag. 200cm is the normal maximum length allowed, but occasionally items up to 250cm long can be taken (by prior arrangement). You have to sign a waiver that Air Seychelles is not liable for any damage during transit.
Air SeychellesfreiBoardbags up to 158cm long and 15kg in weight fly for free.
Air Tahiti NuifreiBoards up to 250cm and 23kg fly free (in addition to your normal checked baggage allowance)
Air VanuatufreiThere are no distinct specifications about surfboards but for every additional kg exceeding your baggage allowance you will be charged $10 AUD. Call airline to check regulations on your route.
Alaska Air$25 USDOne boardbag containing up to two boards can be taken for the normal checked baggage fee. Size restrictions vary by route. On Alaska Airlines flights 1-999 the boards up to max 292cm in length (alone) can be carried; on flights 2000-2999 and 3440-3499 the maximum combined linear dimensions (height + length + width) may not exceed 292cm.
Alitalia€60 – €300Boards up to 300cm can normally be carried for a fee, though the amount and currency charged varies by route. Furthermore, whether the boardbag is accepted or not, depends on the aircraft and its carrying capacity. Thus, we strongly recommend contacting the customer service at the time of booking.
American Airlines$42.50 – 150 USDYou can take boards up to 320cm total linear dimensions for a fee of $150 USD, other than flights to/from/through Brazil. When travelling to/from/through Brazil, the first board is charged at $42.50 USD, and $85 USD for any extra boards.
AnaverschiedenIf the length of your board does not exceed 277cm, a 50% of the excess baggage charge applies. You must call the airline when booking, as fees vary by route and not all planes can accommodate surfboards.
ArikairverschiedenSurf boards can be carried subject to a fee, which depends on route and availability of space. Call airline to confirm chargs on your route when booking.
AsianafreiOne board can be carried free if within the weight and piece limit of your checked baggage allowance. You will be charged if you exceed weight limits and items measuring over 277cm cannot be transported.
Austrian Air€50-200Boards up to 2m long can be carried for €50 (each way) within Europe and 3rd countries, or €100 (each way) on inter-continental flights. Longboards exceeding a length of 2m can be carried for €100 within Europe and for €200 Inter-continental. Not all planes can accommodate surfboards, so call the airline to check restrictions on your route when booking. Austrian Airlines charges more for longboards than shortboards- boards longer than 6’6 are qualified and longboards and chardeg a higher amount.
Avianca El Salvador$50-125 USDYou can fly with one boardbag with up to 3 boards (max 370cm long and 32kg) for $50 USD if travelling to/from Brazil, $125 USD if travelling to/from America and $100 USD for other international destinations.
AzulfreiYou can take a boardbag upto 23kg for free, as long as it’s within your free checked baggage allowance.
Bahamas Air$65 USDTreated as a checked bag, one surfboard per case. Except items weighing more than one hundred pounds (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage and will be subject to an aditional charge of up to $65 USD, depending un route.
Bel Aviafrei1 surfboard up to 2m long is allowed, as long as the total weight is within your free baggage allowance ( which varies by ticket class), one surfboard can be taken for free.
Blue Wing AirlinesverschiedenTicket price is calculated by how much you weigh personally combined with the weight of your baggage.
BMI Regionalfrei- £30/€45One board can be carried free if within checked baggage allowances, or for £30/€45 if not (up to 20kg extra) per sector.
British AirwaysfreiOne boardbag (up to a 190cm x 75cm x 65cm and 23kg) can be carried as your free checked allowance.
Brunei AirverschiedenBaggage with total linear dimensions over 147cm are charged by volumetric equivalent weight, but the airline waives the first 5kg of that for surfboards.
Brussels Airlines€50 – 200Boards of up to 2m can be carried for an additional charge of €50 within Europe and for €100 on International flights. Longboards can be carried within Europe for an additional charge of €100 and €200 on International flights.
Cape AirverschiedenNot all planes have enough room for boards, so you should call the airline when booking.
Carpat AirverschiedenYou can take boards for a fee that varies depending on route and class.
Cathay PacificverschiedenYou can take boards free of charge on some routes, depending on your route and baggage allowance. Free baggage allowance also varies by route; where free baggage allowance is calculated purely by total weight, boards may travel free if within limits. On routes where free baggage allowance is calculated by pieces and dimensions, an extra fee is levied, though costs vary by starting point and destination.
Cayman AirwaysverschiedenSurfboards are accepted only as checked baggage for an additional cost of USD $95
China AirlinesverschiedenIf you are flying to/from/within Southwest Pacific, surfboards may be included in checked baggage allowance.
China EasternverschiedenSurfboards are not included in the free checked baggage allowance, and will be charged 50% of the applicable fee if below 277cm total dimensions, or 100% of the applicable fee if larger. Only one board per passenger is entitled to the discounted rate. Any additional boards will be charged at the applicable excess baggage charge (by weight): one board up to 277cm total linear dimensions will be charged at the applicable rate of 5kg of excess baggage, or or 8kg if longer.
China SouthernverschiedenFee varies by route and number of boards, but you must contact the airline to get permission to take a board when booking. In most cases, for interntional flights, the additional charge is calculated on the basis of excess baggage fees, for boards up to 300cm.
Condor$65 – 78 USDBoards must be pre-booked with the airline. In addition to the free baggage allowance, one piece of sports equipment per passenger is allowed, of up to 20kg, at the standard rate.
Copa Air$30 – 100 USDOne boardbag with max two boards can be taken to all destinations for $100 USD. Taking a boardbag to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, San Jose, Liberia, Manágua, Panama City or United States (MIA,FLL, LAX,SFO) would bring  an additional expense of USD$75. Internal flights WITHIN panama cost USD$ 30.
CorsairflyVariesYou can take boards for free if within the applicable free baggage weight and dimension limits (which vary by route).
Croatia Airlines€70 – 200The prices for taking surfboards with Croatia airlines differs, depending on the route.
Czech AirlinesverschiedenYou can take a board for free if within the applicable free baggage weight and size restrictions , or fee a fee if exceeding them.
Delta$100 – 150 USDTwo boards can be taken in one bag for $100 USD when travelling to/from Brazil, or for $150 USD/CAD on all other routes.
Easyjet$50- 60 USDOne surfboard bag can be taken for a fee of £35 per leg.
Egypt AirverschiedenOne surfboard up to 200cm can be taken as checked baggage, but is not included in the free baggage allowance. Fees are calculated at 50% of applicable excess bagage rate.
El Al$70-200 USDYou can take board bags up to 277cm (total linear dimensions) and 32kg for $70 each way on flights up to 5.5 hours, or for $200 each way on longer flights.
EmiratesverschiedenBoard bags up to 300cm total dimensions can be taken for the applicable oversize baggage fee for the route.
EtihadfreiBoards up to 300cm can be taken for free.
Ethiopian AirwaysverschiedenGolfing and Surfing equipment would be transported  as part of free baggage allowance. The equipment will be accepted as checked baggage for free as long as it is within the free baggage allowance weight and dimension. The maximum sum of the three dimensions (length + width + height) of each bag shall not exceed 158 cms (62 inches).
Finnairfrei – €150Boards under 190cm long and 23kg fly for free if within checked baggage allowances, otherwise (and for larger boards) a fee of €150 applies.
First Airfrei – $70 USDSurf boards can accepted as checked baggage if they do not exceed the maximum weight of 45kg or size of 292cm. When sporting items are in excess, each item will be suject to an additional baggage charge per piece.
Flybe£30Normally boards can be taken for £30, though size restrictions apply on some routes.
Frontier AirlinesverschiedenBoards can be carried, though fee depends on route and travel class.
Garuda IndonesiafreiYou can take a board for free, if within the checked baggage allowance applicable to your ticket.
Georgian AirwaysverschiedenNormal bagage restrictions are up to 158cms linear dimensions, but surfboards are listed as an exception. Excess fees are calculated by weight.
German Wings€50You can take your board for a €50 fee on short and medium-haul route and for €100  of long-haul route. Boards must be pre-booked with the customer service department.
Go AirverschiedenSurfboards can normally be taken, but are possibly subject to an oversize baggage fee. Call the airline to confirm fees when booking.
Gulf AirfreiA boardbag (up to 190cm and 32kg) can be taken for free as your checked baggage allowance.
Hawaiian AirlinesFree – $150 USDTwo boards( up to 292cm) can be carried in one bag. Fees vary by route, ranging from free (to Australia and New Zealand) to $150 USD. Some planes have limited cargo capacity, so call the airline to reserve space when booking.
Iberia$60 USD – €150/$150 USDYou can take boards up to 250cm for €150/$150 USD, other than flights to/from Brazil, where only $60 USD is charged.
Iceland AirverschiedenPrice varies between routes to/from Iceland, Europe and North America.
InterjetfreiYou can take a board bag for free if under 50kg (yes, really!).
Japan Airlines$50-150 USDPrice varies considerably between routes, but you can take up to two boards per boardbag.
Jet2€39 pro FlugMax length 182cms.
Jetblue$50 USD$50 USD each way, one board per case, which counts as one piece of your checked baggage allowance.
JetstarfreiA board can be taken free as part of your checked baggage allowance. Surfboards (including the bag) must not exceed 1.9 metres for Jetstar flights operated by an A320, A321 or B737 aircraft, and 2.77 metres for Jetstar flights operated by an A330 or 787** aircraft. Boards, as well as other sports equipment should be packed in bags that are special designed for that equipment.
Kenya AirwaysverschiedenSurfboards over 107cm long must ALWAYS be pre-booked. A charge will always apply, but it varies by route. However, equipment of up to 107cm is accepted without advance clearence and is considered as standard piece of baggage.
KLMverschiedenSurfboards can be carried instead of suitcase, except when travelling to/from Canada, Mexico and the United States. Boards packed in adequate bag should not exceed 300cm / 118cm and 23kg. If dimensions are exceeded, additional fees may be charged.
KululafreiYou can take boards up to 190 x 75 x 65cm for free.
LAN AirlinesfreiYou can take boards up to 300 linear cms for free.
Lion AirVariesSport equipment within 15kg can be carried without any additional charges. You should call the airline to confirm fees and board carriage when when booking.
LOT Polish Airlines€12-100Boards can be taken for €12 on domestic flights, €50 on international flights or €100 on intercontinental flights.
LufthansaverschiedenBoards up to 2m long can be taken on continental flights for a fee. Charges differ based on the route. You must call the airline to register your sports baggage before flying.
Luxair€50Boards up to 30kgs can be taken for €50.
Malaysia AirlinesfreiOne boardbag up to 2.5m and 15kg can be taken free of charge, if within your free checked baggage limits.
Mango AirlinesfreiCall the airline when booking to reserve space in the hold, as there is a limited aircraft space availability.
MEAfreiFirst item of sporting equipent (up to 20kg) travels free of charge.
Meridiana€30-190Boards over 160cm can be taken for €90 on domestic flights, €100 on international, and €190 on intercontinental. Boards up to 160cm can be taken for 30 on domestic flights, €50 on international, and €60 on intercontinental.
Monarch£24.99/€29.99You can take boards up to 182cm for a fee of £25, when pre-booked, which also grants an extra 20kg weight allowance. if paid at the airport, the fee will be £35.
Nauru Airlines
Oman AirverschiedenYou must contact the airline when booking, as not all planes can take boards. Charges vary by route and ticket class.
Penairmindestens $50 USDYour board might have to travel as cargo.
Philippine Airlines$25You have to call to book your board, but the fee entitles you to an extra 15kg weight allowance.
QantasfreiBoards up to 277cm and 32kg can travel free as part of your checked baggage allowance.
Qatar Airwaysfrei1 boardbag up to 32kg can be carried free as part of your checked baggage alowance, provided that the dimentions of the baggage allowance are not exceeded. Equipment that exceeds the free allowance is subject to excess baggage rates.
Royal Air Maroc€55-300 ($300USD/CAD)Price varies by route and weight/size of board bag.
Boardbags up to 23kg and 158cm = 500Mad on domestic flights, €55 to/from Europe/Maghreb, and 150 EUR/USD/CAD to/from Africa/ America/ Brazil/ Libya/ Egypt/ Saudi Arabia/ Lebanon.
Bags up to 32 Kg/203 cm = 700MAD domestic, €100 Europe/Maghreb and 200 EUR/USD/CAD others.
Up to 32 Kg/300 cm = 1000MAD domestic, €150 Europe/Maghreb and 300 EUR/USD/CAD others. Baggage allowance also varies by ticket class – confirm on website.
Royal Jordanian$30-200 USDFee varies by route, but there is always a fee for boards. Boardbags not exceeding 277cm will be charged at 50% of the first additional piece charges.
Ryanair€50/€60You may carry a boardbag for an additional charge of €50 per flight, if paid online with a 20kg weight limit. The airport tax for the boardbags is €60.
Saudi Airlines$130-440 USDSport equipment is accepted as checked baggage as long as it is properly packed and within the allowed dimensions. However, due to dimensions for boardbags it is very likely you will have to pay, but the fee varies by route and class.
Singapore AirverschiedenSurfboards can be taken for free if within size limits, which vary by route.
SkyWestverschiedenCharges vary by route and flight, and as not all planes have sufficient capacity for boards you should call the airline when booking.
Solomon AirlinesverschiedenYou must call the airline when booking, as not all planes can take boards, and charges vary by route and ticket class.
South African AirwaysverschiedenOn most routes boardbags under 200cm and 23kg fly free, if within the free baggage allowance.
SouthWest$75 USDYou can take your board for $75 USD each way.
Srilankan AirwaysfreiFree if within the checked baggage limit (32kg)
Sriuijaye AirverschiedenSurfboards should fly for free if under 20kg.
Suncountry$75 USDYou can take boards for $75, but only up to 152cm.
Sunwing Airlines€100Flat fee of $100 per item each way will be charged, for a maximum weight of 20kg. You must pre-book your board with the airline.
Swiss€50-100You can take boards up to 2m long for a fee of €50-100, depending on route
TAP Portugal€50-150You may carry a boardbag in exchange for a fee, but you MUST pre-book the bag. The fee varies depending on route.
Thai AirwaysverschiedenCan be included in checked baggage allowance for free if flying to/from Australia/New Zealand, otherwise fees vary by route.
Tiger AirwaysverschiedenYou can take boards under 190cm and 30kg as your checked-in baggage allowance.
TransaviafreiYou can take boards for free, but you are NOT allowed to pack clothes/etc in the board bag. Furthermore, there is space available for maximum 9 boardbags per aircraft so make sure you pre-book your space.
Trans Maldivian AirwaysverschiedenIn order to take oversized baggage like surfboards you must charter a flight, as there is no room on scheduled flights.
Turkish Airlinesfrei – €60Turkish are happy to take boards, but the fee system is complex and variable, particularly when stopovers are involved. Charges range from free up to €60, depending on route and weight of the boardbag.
United$150-200 USDYou have to pay $150 (each way) to take a board on flights between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and $200 (each way) for all other destinations.
US Airways$150 USDYou’ll normally pay $150 per boardbag. When you pack more than 1 surfboard in a bag that weighs under 70lbs, you will only be charged for 1 surfboard. When you are travelling to/through/from brazil you’ll be charged $42.5 for the first surfboard and $85 for the second.
Virgin America$50USDYou can take your board for $50, but oversize weight fees (which vary by route) can apply.
Virgin AtlanticfreiYou can take boards under 23kg and 199cm as part of your baggage allowance.
Virgin AustraliaverschiedenBoards can be take as part of your free checked baggage allowance, but maximum permissable dimensions vary by route and plane.
Viva Aerobus$30 – $60You can normally take a board, but the charge will depend on route and how/where you pay it.
VolarisfreiYou can take boards under 2m for free, as long as you don’t exceed your free baggage allowance, which varies by route and ticket class.
Vueling€45You can take a board for €45 each way.
WestjetverschiedenYou can take boards under 3m, but expect to pay as all applicable excess/oversize baggage fees will be applied.
Wizz Air€30-60You can take a board, but fees vary between €30-60 depending on route, ticket class, how you book your boardbag, season etc.
YemeniaverschiedenNot all planes can accommodate boards, so we recommend you call the airline to confirm board carriage and fees when booking.

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