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    Marokko has been over the last few years a new mekka for the surfers in Europe. An escape for the european cold in search for some of the winter swells and sunny weather that morocco in winter time can provide.

    Unfortunatly this comes along with a lot of people that do illegal business. Business without any papers, insurances, taxes, working permits and houses and cars that are not certified and qualified for tourism. That means these company`s can not guarantee safety or insurance for their guests. In case of accidents this means serious problems for these companys and also for the guests.

    Registering as a company is not enough because it doesnt guarantee that your staying is insured or the accomodations are licensed or that the transport they are using is licensed for transport. You as a person can also not drive a car without any papers. For tourism when you drive other people around is this exactly the same. This also applies for the Houses and teaching on the beaches.

    Like in Europe accomodations have to be approved for safety and insured. The transport have to be approved for safety as well, especially when it comes to tourism. It is normall that all type of holiday providers have responsibility towards their guests. Therefore this law is now in order to control surf camps in South Marokko.

    Maybe it seems a bit unclear but the point to this all is. In case of a accident with the guests or caused by the camp, your insurance will not cover it and the company can not be claimed as responsible.
    The companys that are legal are insured as well for accidents in their location or transport, so the company`s insurance will cover it. Ofcourse this is a worse case scenario but it is better to reduce the chance of unnessecary accidents. Approval by authority`s will contribute to saver and better housing.

    Last but not least is ofcourse is that people that start up their business in Morocco need to pay taxes and be prepared to invest in this country properly. Like in Germany, Holland or anywhere else you can not just show up, not have a working permit, and in Peak Season lift along on the succes that other people made for you. Skip low season to save your own money. This means a lot of camps in Marokko are working with european cars – uncertified houses – not paying taxes and have not any licensed certified employees with working permit this all to benefit their own wallets.

    The camps might be offering cheap accomodations but are in fact working against any law in Morocco. Even in Europe these company`s would be not allowed to work on the same conditions.

    Starting from this year 2011 the new law will stop illegal camps. In order to organise it all the camps that have all the papers done are automaticly member of the surf association morocco that provides all the camps that are certified and authorised. Meaning they have all done their paper work.

    In a different perspective if you as a company have done all the paper work done then there is no reason not to become a member and be listed as a legal camp. All camps are welcome as long they are living up to the rules that are set now according to the new law.

    Check the website: for the list of all legal camps there are in Marokko.

    It is the official website for the surf association in South Morocco region Agadir – Tamraght – Taghazout – Imsouane and Sidi Ifni

    In the future, next coming months, the police will execute the order of the mayor in agadir. This means people that are staying in these camps and owners of these camps will be send away and have to stop their business. This means for the guests – the end of their Holiday!

    This news message is to inform future surfers and guests for surf camps in Marokko. There are plenty of good and certified to choose from and you will find them on the list of the

    Surf`s up!




    saubere sache.
    das war schon lange mal fällig.

    ausserdem sollten es auch eine anmeldung in deutschland geben, sofern urlaube in deutschland gebucht werden.. so dass es auch nen sicherungsschein etc gibt…


    Mitglied gibts nimmer oder funktioniert nimmer – jemand ne Ahnung? Oder gibts die Liste sonstwo noch? DANKE



    marokko halt ! da wird dann vergessen die url zu verlängern !


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